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Snippet of a much longer collaborative effort by myself and the Blocktronics crew. In total 22 artists from 6 countries worked together over a period of about a little over a month. The ANSI was submitted to the Demosplash 2013 demo party at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA over the weekend, and took first place. Not bad considering the piece was finished a mere minutes before the deadline. :-)Full piece can be viewed here:


ok this is hot.first reblog evar.
Rest in Peace, Bob Higgins. You were a kind, generous, and great friend. You will be missed. You embodied the true hot rodder — you never bought a dope car, you made them.
For my friends Chris and Sheri.
I wish you both the absolute best and many years of happiness together.
I can’t take any of the credit for making something this beautiful. Caught this on the way home after work. I’ve seen a lot of sunset photos but rarely do I see people aim the camera away from the sun.
Love Letters II
OK, so it started out with the awesome Hungarian dude Peter Vamosi coercing me this morning to draw a cartoon caricature of professional racecar driver Kamui Kobayashi for his Facebook profile, which I did for fun, before going to work. The third version is Kamui that’s been Sasukefied. It doesn’t look much like Kamui anymore. lol
Love Letters I
Shoebox Kustom Photochop
Kamuela Musiclettering by Matt Yeephoto by Raul Soria (
PRI$TINE BEAT$lettering by Matt Yeephoto by Jared Yamanuha
Photoshop of a 1964 Galaxie Wagonfor Marty @ 808 Speed ShopMods:Removed topShaved door handles, bumper bolts, front fender top trim piecesModified side trimCleaned up headlight bezelsRadiused doorsOld school 15x7 reversed Rocket wheels on pinner whites
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